News Trust of India (NTI) Media Limited is a company that serves NEWS THAT MATTERS to the vast young demographic of the country.

We are OFF THE NORMAL TRAJECTORY OF THE NEWS INDUSTRY which the common man no longer believes in because they question whether all the information is paid for or not.

We are completely INDEPENDENT! We don’t have an AGENDA but that of READERS’ INTEREST. We cater nothing but TRUTH.

We believe in the axiom that the Consumer’s faith in a product makes it valuable and attractive to the investor and advertiser. We have earned that trust and faith over a course of 15 years in the media Industry.

The best example of that is our flagship product, PARLIAMENTARIAN, a monthly magazine that reaches the elite and is admired as the FIRST COFFEE-TABLE MAGAZINE in the country.


Incisive and In-depth Narration
We write about the Parliament, its people and its functioning. Each issue of the magazine carries Question Hour, Interview of a Parliamentarian and other in-depth coverage of policy, governance and politics. The magazine carries reports that are imaginative. Thought provoking articles, political gossips and a colorful photo feature are simply icing on the cake.

The last few editions have the unique and PATHBREAKING COVER STORIES such as

  • Ideas for Young India, What are the key issues that are impacting the youth of India and how.
  • Stars Speak, As a new-year beckons, we delve into the signals emanating from planets for India, America and others, predictions from top astrologers from the world over.
  • 50 Change makers in India, profiling all those who have made a difference to India over the past few years
  • Middleman is King, a record-selling cover story that talks of how the power brokers, including in the judiciary, make money by buttering deals and
  • Love, Sex & Politics, which shows a rarely discussed side of Indian politics.
  • PMO, India’s Powerhouse, A never before inside account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PMO – people, policies, how it is controlling the Government with an iron fist and how it is different from that of Manmohan Singh and his predecessors.
The magazine reaches top politicians, businesspersons, policymakers and other celebrities across the country.

  • The top residential neighborhoods of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata etc
  • At airport VIP and luxury lounges
  • At top hotels
  • At the best street-vendor situations in the five metros and other Tier-II and Tier-III cities
  • The magazine essentially targets those that are willing and have the capacity to spend on authentic news to sustain their cultural hunger that matches their high lifestyles.


This is also one of the key brand-makers for the NTI group. It satisfies human cravings for gossips from the world of politics, bureaucracy, corporate, business, sports, cinema, and of course, media world as well. Most of the gossip items are actually exclusive news. Our gossips have never been challenged or found slanderous. Because they come from very authentic sources, often from horse’s mouth itself.

It caters to the need of the common man, especially the youth, for authentic scuttlebutt what can be shared on the social media network.

This is a web-based, exclusive chatter box that satisfies the needs of the youth demographic.


NEWSZ.IN is a complete information hub – where you can get information, photographs and videos –all key ingredients of the NEWS from the ground. Views and articles from the most experiences analysts are sure to keep you ahead of your peers whether in face to face interactions or on social media.

An online platform where you can get the news before other media platforms flash it. Yet, we never compromise on quality, impartiality and authenticity of the news stories.

Needless to say our target audience is spanned worldwide. Whether its local news, political news, sci-fi, career guidance, smart homes, a look at what’s on in the city or best of Bollywood gossip, NEWSZ.IN sections have it all, alongside some juicy stuff also.


News Trust of India Television (NTI TV) incorporated in the year 1995 commenced with the combined wisdom of television professionals carrying along with them their experience, their beliefs and their knowledge.

Since inception, our team has expanded encompassing the best professionals in the field, enabling us to be on the top end of the television programming.

We have been producing news-based programmes during Assembly as well as Parliamentary elections as well as social features and documentaries to cater to different clientele.


Signature Tune is a full-service event management entity of NTI Media Limited in Delhi NCR, dedicated to all kind of events with supreme quality and excellence. Since our establishment, we have continuously strived towards the flawless execution of events. We manage events across all major cities in India and abroad.


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